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General Information & Awareness

Autism Behaviour and Emotional States

E Learning Opportunities

E-learning Opportunities

Youth sport trustFree for schools, E-Learning ‘All about Autism, All About Me’. 
A digital and practical toolkit, building upon the knowledge of (ASC) and some of the key considerations for making PE and sport inclusive to all. 
Youth trust handbookSupporting Booklet 'All About Autism, All About Me
Autism trainingSTLS Autism Awareness Training
(Pre Recorded)

Diagnosis - Free Downloadable Resources

Sensory - Free Downloadable Information

STLS 5Sensory - Free Downloadable Resources

Shadow 1175655Click here for the sensory Processing information Page


Signposting - External Organisations, Information and Support

Below is a List of Various Organisations that Provide Support, Advice and Resources. If any of the details below require updating or amending, let us know

Please be aware that the organisations listed on this page are provided for information purposes only, and are not endorsed or recommended by STLS. You should always ensure that any service, activity or therapy that you are considering for your child / young person is appropriate to their needs. 

STLS 5Signposting

STLS 5Directory of Organisations Offering Support to those Impacted by Disability, Specifically Autism. 
Girl with curly hairGirl with Curly Hair
Autism alert cardKent Autistic Trust Autism Alert Cards
More than wordsMore Than Words offers free Makaton courses for parents and carers.
Teachers pay teachersResources: Teachers Pay Teachers A wealth of both free and good value resources. 
Minds and heartsMinds & Hearts have lots of interesting blogs on a range of topics ASD related. 

Media Links - Autism Awareness/Testimonies

Media Links - Autism

What Does it Feel Like to Have Autism?
Dr Chris and Dr Xand of Operation Ouch find out what that feels like.
An Autism Podcast Series 
A series for parents supported by the Autism Diagnostic Practice. They work nationwide with only the most experienced consultants.
Animated Explanation of Autism 
A fantastic video explaining what Autism is and how we are all the same.
Amazing Kids – Autistic Spectrum Condition 
A wonderful video amalgamating the voices of children from different backgrounds sharing their unique experiences.
A virtual Experience of Autism
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