Post 16 Provision Information

The Post 16 curriculum prepares students for adulthood, enhancing their ability to live as independently as they are able. Our curriculum is designed to meet a wide range of need from each pathway. Every aspect of our curriculum is focused on “Preparation for Adulthood”, preparing students with the relevant learning and experiences they require to make the positive transition to the post 19 world. In Post 16 we challenge the students to be the best they can be. Our goal is for each individual is to leave school with the skills and tools needed to move on to the next phase in their lives. Our curriculum is personalised to long term outcomes of the individual and focuses on supporting students to become more independent in all aspects of their lives.


Experiencing new learning environments





It is the student’s views which shape the curriculum, their future, based on ambitions and aspirations. Our curriculum is relevant and reflects what our students want, preparing them for the opportunities in life after school whether it be supported living, further education, apprenticeship or employment. All Post 16 students’ preparation for adulthood is underpinned by Nexus School careers programme.


Expanding horizons


Pathway 1 students’ curriculum continues to focuses on the processes that support early communication, social interaction and cognitive skills. Pathway 2/3 students focus on the Towards Independence course an indivdualised curriculum (ASDAN) incorporating PSHE and independent living skills.  This area of the curriculum is based in school and students practice independent living skills such as cookery and house management, skills needed to live as independently as possible in adulthood. The Towards Independence course embeds literacy, numeracy skills. Students also learn through a physical curriculum such as boxing or dance. The individual nature of the curriculum means students will receive more support in the area they need. 




Developing new skills


Pathway 1 2 3 students experience new learning environments and social situations at out sourced provisions such as Aspens, The Mount Camphill and Bore Place. Here, the students learn horticulture, baking, and craft skills. They develop their self-esteem and social skills.

Pathway 3 and 4 students study Functional Skills Entry Level Maths and English. Students will be given the opportunity to study short discrete, courses provided by ASDAN. They will focus on courses such as Foodwise (cooking, healthy eating and budgeting skills), Roadwise (Travel Training), PSHE, Volunteering and Independent Living skills. They will experience work, volunteering, and social situations, new learning environments such as The Mount Camphill, West Kent College and Hadlow College.




Working together


The impact of the curriculum is demonstrated by all students moving onto a positive and appropriate destination, built on the strong foundations offered in the curriculum.


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