Nexus 1958

Care Plans

Every pupil who attends Nexus has a care plan. The purpose of a care plan is to have a record of all key information relating to each individual pupil in one accessible document. The information is pulled together from a variety of different sources including parents/carers, teachers, therapists and consultants. The information and level of detail recorded within the plans depends on the need of each individual pupil.

Prior to a pupil starting Nexus the class teacher, school nurse (if appropriate) will meet with parents / carers in order to write certain aspects the care plan including:

  • Contact Information
  • Medical Information
  • Eating and drinking guidelines
  • Personal Care guidelines
  • Additional information (Positive Behaviour Plans / Individual Risk Assessments) will be completed once the pupil starts school.

Care plans will be routinely reviewed at your child’s annual review. There is a clear process in place for review of the Care Plans with clear expectations regarding the return of paperwork to the school.

Please Note – Failure to return Care Plans may result in pupils not being able to return to school. 

Should you identify any need to update or amend information within your child’s care plan please notify the class teacher as a matter of urgency.

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