Nursing Provision

Kent Community Health Foundation Trust support Nexus School by providing a full time qualified nurse. The nurse currently within this post is Anita Beebe who has been in post at Nexus School for a number of years so has a good understanding and knowledge of the pupils who attend the school.


It is Anita’s role to promote the health and well being of all the pupils attending Nexus School. At present Anita is responsible for the storage and administration of any medication and/or feeds.


In addition to Anita, the community paediatric doctor hold regular clinics, typically twice a month, at Nexus. Parents/Carers can contact Anita should they wish to make an appointment.  The doctor does routinely see children attending the school on a biannual basis.


Anita is able to refer pupils attending Nexus to a specialist dentist. Should this be a service parents/carers would like to access please contact Anita directly to request a referral. 


The nursing service maintains an open door policy and parents/carers are able to contact the school nurse whenever they feel necessary. Anita can be contacted on the main school telephone number – 01732 771384

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