Meet the PTA

We currently have 4 active members of the PTA who actively seek to provide funds and activities to enhance the environment and enrich the children at Nexus School.

The PTA organise several events throughout the year with extra activities including sponsored events all over the UK. 

Michelle Sojka - Chair



Hi, I'm Michelle Sojka, my son is Aiden he is in Pelican Class. 

Aiden has been with Nexus (formally Ridgeview) Since Reception Class he is now in Year 2. 

I have been so thankful to the school for what they have done for Aiden he has progressed so much with his development since starting school and have supported me with any concerns I have.  

With this in my mind I have always wanted to do anything I can to repay this, so when I was asked about setting up a PTA it was a perfect way for me to help.  

As chair of the PTA I feel my enthusiasm and ideas will help raise money for the school and make many memories for all our children and families whilst they are at Nexus as I want our children to be able to enjoy life just like any abled Child. 

If you see me round the school come and say hello, I look forward to meeting and getting to know everyone.   

Kelly Marshall - Vice Chair

Kelly Marshall

Hi, I'm Kelly Marshall, my son is in Pelican class. You may have seen me rushing to get to the school gates in the morning before they close ha-ha. 


I’ve volunteered as a family support worker to help families through difficult times and hope to go back into this in the future. 


I am motivated to support Nexus as without a setting like this Charlie wouldn’t have been able to progress the way he has which I am so very grateful for. 


I really hope to help provide opportunities to make a difference to all our children and look forward to us growing as a school community.

Daniel Wickens - Treasurer


I’m Daniel Wickens, My son Joshua has been at Nexus (Formally Ridge View) since Nursery, he is now in Skylark Class.  


My background is in finance from accountancy to now helping reduce essential household bills and support people to start their own business.  


I’ve been looking for ways to give back to Nexus who have already helped make a significant improvement to my son’s development and felt my skills and knowledge could be utilised as Treasurer for Nexus PTA 

Sami Wickens - Secretary

Sami Wickens

I’m Sami Wickens, my son Joshua has been at Nexus (formerly Ridge View) since nursery and he is now in Skylark Class. 

The school has done a lot for Joshua over the past few years and by joining the PTA I feel I will be able to give something back. I am looking forward to the challenge and taking myself out of my comfort zone to help the PTA achieve its goals.   
Sami Wickens 

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