Tics & Tourettes

Page Updated 15th Sept 2021


Downloadable Resources/Factsheets

TicsThese resources have been downloaded from Tourettes Action. Their website hosts a broad range of resources and advice. 

TeachersTourette Syndrome Key Facts for Teachers

Makes us ticWhat makes Us TIC. - This guide is a general introduction for those recently diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome (TS) their family, friends and anyone working alongside someone with TS. 

Tourette Syndrome in School, A Guide for Parents. In school tourettes

Guidance - Going to UniversityTourettes uni

Post 16 Options for those with Tourette SyndromePost 16 tourette

I have Tourette Syndrome - Social Story.I Have Tourette Syndrome   Social Story

Sudden onset of Tics for Schools Sudden onset of tics

Secondary Transition SEN ArticleTransition

Tic Tips - Strategies to support Tic tips

Tourette's A Parents GuideTourettes A parents guide





Kids with Tourettes

Growing Up with Tourettes

Let's Talk About Tourettes!

Tourettes Awareness

Teacher Training - Understanding Tourette Syndrome

Tic Talk - Anxiety

Tic Talk - School Transition

Research Study: The Stigma of Tourette Syndrome

Anger and Tourette Syndrome

Tourettes Action - Your Story

Managing Tics Through Exercise



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