Selective Mutism

Free Downloadable Resources

Selective Mutism

Free Downloadable Resources

Identifying a Child with Selective Mutism

Identying a child

SMIRA How to Get Help for Selective Mutism

 A Flow Chart

SM Flowchart

When the Words won't Come Out.

A booklet about Selective Mutism for Teens and Adults.

SM Booklet

Working with Children Who Have Selective Mutism

Top tips for working with students with asd

Signposting - Organisations, Support & Resources

Below is a List of Various Organisations that Provide Support, Advice and Resources.

If any of the details below require updating or amending, let us know

Please be aware that the organisations listed on this page are provided for information purposes only, and are not endorsed or recommended by STLS. You should always ensure that any service, activity, or therapy that you are considering for your child / young person is appropriate to their needs. 

Selective Mutism


CMI. A Teacher's Guide to Selective Mutism


Confident Children works to help children worldwide to overcome selective mutism, free themselves of anxiety, find their voice and to shine.

Their website is full of resources and recommended support suggestions as well as personal stories.

Confident children

Finding Our Voices is an online community which started up in August 2014 as a quarterly magazine. It has helpful and inspiring articles relating to selective mutism.

Finding our voices

ISPEAK Selective Mutism in the words of people with selective mutism. 


Kent Community Health - Children’s Therapies  The Pod Advice and Information on Selective Mutism

Kent support services

NHS Choices offers insight into Selective Mutism, the causes and offers advice and strategies to manage this distressing condition. 


SMIRA was set up initially to support families with selectively mute children. This work has since been extended to provide information to health and education professionals involved in the upbringing of such children and young people.


SMIRA Information for Professionals


SMIRA Information for Young People


SMIRA Information for Parents 


Personal Testimonies

Selective Mutism

Personal Testimonies

Diary of a Selective Mute

One Person's experiences living with selective mutism and social anxiety

Diary of a Selective Mute


By Antje Bothin

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