Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials


Bodiam Class parent, May 2022:
‘’As parents of two daughters at Nexus we know it takes a special person to teach special people.  We see this daily at Nexus School, …..always together, always supported, always learning, always welcome, we thank you.”

Pelican Class parent, May 2022:
‘’I could not ask for more within a school, they think about everything, help with behaviour issues as well as getting their educational needs met. My child has never been happier, and I cannot thank the school enough’’.

Hummingbird Class parent, May 2022:
"Nexus has been wonderful for my child. His communication has improved and he is very happy there. It’s such a relief knowing he is at a school that understands him and his individual needs. All the teachers and teaching assistants have had such a positive impact on him, he smiles when I mention their names, which is lovely. "

Hummingbird Class parent, May 2022:
"We feel the school helps with all areas of his learning, physically and emotionally, and we'd be lost without you. You listen to what we have to say."

Pelican Class parent, May 2022:
"Our son had challenges in mainstream school around his additional needs, which meant he struggled socially and academically. With the expert support at Nexus he is flourishing. His work is almost unrecognisable it has improved so much, and most importantly, he has never been happier in himself".

Secondary parent, May 2022:
"Nexus has been very supportive of my child’s needs. When I communicate with his teacher and class team, I am listened to and it feels like working alongside family. The progress my child has made in education and growth as a person is fantastic and I cannot fault their commitment and open communication. He has a fantastic time and shows real enjoyment of his time at school". 

Secondary parent, May 2022:
"My children have loved being at nexus. The teachers, class team and other bodies in the school have been very helpful and work hard to provide the best education and meeting my children’s sensory needs". 

Robin Class parent, May 2022:
"Nexus has offered my daughter a place in the world where she can thrive! An environment where she seems to be racing towards her full potential. Her needs are expertly catered for, and the staff go above and beyond to ensure a safe, happy, friendly environment. The healthy balance between fun and learning has made sure I have one very smart, happy little Lady"!

Pelican Class parent, May 2022
"My daughter has been at the school since nursery and I couldn’t be happier with the progress she has made, and the support that not only she has received but us as parents too. The teachers make you feel heard with any concerns, and truly do go above and beyond". 

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