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Childnet International is a non-profit organisation working with others to help make the Internet a great and safe place for children, full of useful family contacts and tools.



Internetmatters offers a range of guides; age-specific online safety checklists to guides on how to set parental controls on a range of devices. There’s a host of practical tips to help children get the most out of their digital world.

Internet matters

MCF Online Sexual Harm Reduction Guide

A Guide for Professionals

MCF Guide Online

MCF Sexual Abuse Online

How Can I Help my Child - A Guide for Parents 

Parents MCF


Net-Aware is a guide to all the popular apps, games and social media sites.



“It can be hard to know how to talk to your child about online safety. From setting up parental controls to advice on sexting, online games and video apps, we can help you to understand the risks and keep your child safe.”


Parent Info

Parent Info offers help and advice for families in a digital world.  Parent Info is a collaboration between Parent Zone and NCA-CEOP, providing support and guidance for parents from leading experts and organisations.


UK Safer Internet Centre

UK Safer Internet Centre is a place where you can find online safety tips, advice and resources to help children and young people stay safe online.

UK internet safety

The NSPCC have updated their #ShareAware campaign with new resources to enable parents and carers to ‘untangle’ the online world and to help them to teach the children to be ‘Share Aware’, for parents/carers of children aged 8-12

The campaign focuses on the need to talk to children about online safety, much like we do “real” world safety such as crossing the road, bullying and speaking to strangers. There is a selection of new resources available which schools and settings might wish to share with their community.

Share aware


Thinkuknow is the education programme from NCA-CEOP, a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline.

Explore one of the six Thinkuknow websites for advice about staying safe when you're on a phone, tablet or computer.



Read their latest Digital Parenting magazine.  Helping families stay safe online with their Digital Parenting magazine - the latest issue is available to order or download now.

Digital Parenting

Parental Controls



How to set up parental controls on your iPhone or iPad!



Smartphone, Controls & Settings Guide. Android smartphones have parental controls for the Play store but not on the device itself. These allow you to set the maturity level of apps and set a PIN code for purchases.


Social Media 



Young People's Rights on Social Media


Healthy Social Media

A report on personal experiences of social media and strategies for building a positive relationship between social media use and body image.

Healthy Social Media


Young People's Rights on Social Media



Young People's Rights on Social Media



Young People's Rights on Social Media



Young People's Rights on Social Media


Who Knows What About About Me?

Children's Commission's mapped the key points at which children's data is collected and explore the possible implications of this.

Who knows what


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