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SG5 Module Summary




Physical Development

Swimming – this will continue to be a part of the timetable for certain students in the hydrotherapy pool

P.E. –  A gym circuit, focussing on different aspects, walking, jumping, hopping, skipping, bouncing, sliding etc

Changing clothes will continue to be a basic focus for these sessions, aside from the exercise activities.

Walking will form a part of some student’s physical activity regime when on outing activities.

Literacy – Communication and Language

Individual Communication – Students will expand their learning to use their individual communication aids (PECS books, Communication Books, iPads) to enhance their communication skills.

Lego Therapy – Most students will participate in Lego Therapy sessions to improve social and relationship communication skills. Social skills – these will be developed in Lego Therapy, joint activities in lessons and in play activities on the playground.

Phonics – Students will take part in phonics activities learning, different letters, letter sounds, words and word sounds

Community Based Learning

We will endeavour to take students for off-site activities in the community as often as we are able and suited to the students’ individual needs.

Food Technology

Students will take part in making different meals throughout the term.

Life skills

Students will learn to take part in everyday activities in a home environment, which they will learn through step by step instructions. They will also make snacks.


Painting in the style of Aboriginal, using finger painting and paper mache.


Students will work towards a recognised qualification in a certain skill.  Such as a creative skill in art or life skills used on a day to day basis


students will continue to expand their skills with checking how much money they have in their school purses, keeping their money safe, counting and solving simple mathematical problems, e.g. “How many more pennies do you need to make ten?” and then purchasing snacks, during snack time.

Students will also work to individual maths targets.


Students will be learning to use Clicker 7. Some students will learn to use Clicker 7 in subject-related activities.