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SG4 Modular Summary

Nexus School: Module Summary

Term 2 Topic: Festivals 

Term: 2 (2018/ 2019)Class: SG4                                                          Teacher: Lauren Pope
TEACCH – Work trays

Students complete work tray activities twice a day. Students focus on independent working skills. Work tray activities are focused on life skills, numeracy and literacy skills. Activities are changed regularly throughout the term. 

Sensory Circuits

We will begin each day with a sensory circuit to prepare them for their learning. Students will complete sessions throughout the day to help students remain settled and focused. Students complete an alerting, organising and calming activities. 

Please ask if you would like any further information!

Attention Everyone

The purpose of this programme is to develop students ability to focus and maintain their attention from on an adult led activity and learn how to shift their attention from a group activity to an individual activity. 

Communication / Interaction 

Individual communication- students will learn to use their individual communication aids (PECS book, communication boards, Ipads) to enhance their communication skills. 

Some students take part in Lego Therapy. These sessions are designed for students to work on social skills, numeracy and literacy. Students have to work together to build a design.

Physical Development

Circuit training- Designed to increase movement, balance and proprioception for students. 

Parachute games- students will develop their interaction skills. Students will working together developing social interaction with peers and turn taking.

Hydrotherapy- On a Friday afternoon some students will have access to the hydrotherapy pool.


Students will explore different programmes on the computer using the whiteboard. Students will use a range of devices, for example Ipads or switches.

Life Skills

PSHE- Students are focusing on washing hands. Students will learn to increase their independence and follow the sequence. 

Students will also help with the class laundry, washing up, tidying and collecting supplies.

Music / Horticulture

During music students will focus on interaction, using different instruments, making choices and showing a preference. 

This term in Horticulture student are exploring the soil. Students will also be planting and growing herbs. Students will also have access to the sensory garden and will explore the environment. 


This term students will be exploring and creating pieces of work around the theme festivals. 

Students will create and explore the materials they are working with. Students will look at Halloween, fireworks, Harvest and Christmas.   


This term students will be learning to make Sandwiches. Students will buy the ingredients each week and then, with their class, prepare the food and cook it. This learning is focused on functional and independent skills. Once students are confident with making sandwiches students will then further their skills. 

Towards the end of the term students will make a variety of Christmas cakes and biscuits. Students will explore the ingredients they are working with. Students will start to learn the routine in the cookery room. 

Community Based Learning

All students will be accessing the local community, suited to their individual needs. Students will visit all or some of the following places – shops, Tonbridge pool and Horse-riding. Some students will also travel by public bus. 

Individual Sensory Needs

Students have opportunities throughout the day to meet their individual sensory needs. Student have access to the sensory integration room and sensory room throughout the week. 

On a Friday afternoon students can choose a variety of sensory activities. For example, foot spa, music, sensory garden and sensory play.