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SG2 Newsletter

Term 3 Newsletter

Last term was a great term for SG2 and we have all been working really well, improving our skills and developing new ones everyday. In literacy we have been working on writing sentences using symbols – an approach called colourful semantics. In numeracy we have been practicing shopping and working on our number skills. We are now able to recognise and add up coins and this term we will begin to work on using notes.

In topic time, we have been learning about the world around me, each week focusing on a different country. We began by learning about our local area, then we looked at England, USA and China. We also learnt the story of Chinese New Year and made Chinese Lanterns to celebrate. We also learnt all about people who help us such as police and fireman so that students are able to recognise them when out in the community.

In cooking we have moved on to making a hot snack and each week a small group of students heads to the kitchen to make it. Students have also made simple sugar cookies and are helping to weigh out and mix all the ingredients. They then cut them out and helped put them in the oven.

This term we will be moving on to a new topic – ecosystems. This will allow us to spend lots of time outside in the sensory garden. We will also be learning about recycling and using recycled materials to make gifts in art.