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SG2 Newsletter

Term 2 Newsletter

Last term was a busy term for SG2 with students learning lots of new skills and developing old ones too!

 Our topic for term 2 was Travel and Transport and then moved on to Christmas in the latter few weeks. We have enjoyed making new sentences in colourful semantics, attending the Christmas pantomime and Christmas assembly. We have learnt lots of new Christmas Songs and practiced the Christmas Story and we had a party in class. We continue practicing shopping and using money and we take part in social skills lessons and Lego therapy to help build our turn taking, waiting and communication.

This term we will be looking at the world around us. We will be thinking about all the places we visit – home, school and town. We will be using compasses around school and we will hopefully be able to go out to the allotment and begin preparing for planting in the spring. We will also be extending our cooking lessons to start making a simple hot snack such as beans on toast or egg and soldiers. 

We look forward to a busy term ahead!