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SG2 Newsletter

Term 5 Newsletter

Term 5 was a busy term for SG2, with all students continuing to make excellent progress! Our new students have settled in well and we are beginning to go out for community learning. Students have been going in small groups, along with P10 to Haysden Country Park to visit the play area and make small purchases at the cafe.

In literacy and numeracy, all students have continued to work on their fine motor skills. Students are working towards using their ipads to write responses to questions and are starting to develop their answers in to longer sentences. Other students are moving away from mark making and beginning to identify words and letters. They are also working hard on their cvc words. In reading, we have been working on recognising parts of the story in the pictures and comprehension – showing a greater level of understanding of what the story or text is telling you.

In Art and Science we have been looking at minibeasts and students were able to go out and complete a minibeast hunt. Students have also been making lots of minibeasts in art and could identify some of the minibeasts found around the school site. We have also been fortunate enough to be able to grow our own butterflies and we are looking forward to releasing them when we return to school.

We are starting a new topic this term focussing on festivals. In RE, we will look at a number of different religious festivals and in Geography, we will look at festivals around the world. In music, we will be completing a project designing our own music festival and students will listen to lots of different types of music to decide whether they like it or not. Students will be asked to give their opinion each week. We will also be continuing with our work based learning and food technology. All students have been practicing making sandwiches and will now look at making a meal, including a sandwich. They will also continue developing their choosing skills with different fillings for their sandwiches.