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SG2 Newsletter

Welcome to the Term 2 newsletter for Study Group 2!

SG2 had a great term 2, with everyone working hard to improve their communication skills and completing lots of great learning! Students started the term learning all about Africa, before embarking on lots of Christmas Activities.

One of the main focusses of the term has been to expand the students understanding of the world of work. This has included running a laundry service for the other classes around school. The students have done a great job and have all learnt how to collect washing and put it into the washing machine, as well as hanging it out to dry and then returning it to its owners. Students have also been practicing how to lay the table and paying for items in a shop.

SG2 have also been working really well on their writing and numbers and even wrote letters to Father Christmas! They were really pleased when Father Christmas wrote back to them with a card explaining how he was preparing for Christmas. We celebrated Christmas with a class Christmas party where students enjoyed snacks and party games.

This term we will be continuing to focus on Work Related Learning. We will begin to look at bus routes and plan to take students out to visit the supermarket and McDonalds. Students will begin to work outside the classroom, taking part in PE in the hall and preparing food in the Food Technology Classroom.

The topic for the term is ‘Seasons’ and we will be doing lots of science experiments to learn about the seasons. We will also be planting lots of herbs and vegetables, which we will be using in our cooking over the summer and autumn terms. We will also be focusing on personal care this term in PSHE – washing our hands and faces, brushing our teeth and combing our hair. Please can I ask parents to send in a flannel, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and soap for their child, with names on each item.