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SG2 Newsletter

Term 1 Newsletter

The students have settled back at school well after the summer break and they have already made plenty of progress!

We are pleased to welcome 2 new students to our class and they have really settled well, becoming good friends with the rest of the class. Our topic for term 1 was Travel and Transport and we will be continuing this topic into term 2, before moving on to Christmas in the latter few weeks. We have learnt about movement using toy cars and boats, we have made hot air balloons, cars, boats and trains and we have been learning to cut and paste in to a document on the computer using images of different types of transport.

This term we will also be looking at different types of transport, as well as thinking about when we travel – looking at holidays and travelling near home. We will be attending our Harvest Festival Assembly and some of our class will be singing our harvest song. We will also be celebrating Halloween by making our own pumpkins out of paper mache.

From week 2 we will be visiting the swimming pool and horse riding with some students and ask that you send in appropriate clothing for these activities.

We look forward to a busy term ahead!