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SG2 Modular Summary


Term 4 Topic:  Ecosystems

TERM: 4  (2018/19) CLASS:   SG2                  Teacher: Megan King
Literacy 3 sessions per week Handwriting – continuing to develop students fine motor skills Guided Reading – improving students ability to read words, working in groups or individually, depending upon individual levels Word Aware – building students vocabulary and improving their understanding of words. Identifying key words for specific topics Colourful Semantics – using symbols to write sentences and learn about sentence structure (assist with communication) Phonics – Phase 3 Numeracy 2 Sessions per week Money Learning to identify different coins and their values Role play – buying items in a shop, creating a shopping list and working to a budget Understanding the value of money – adding and subtracting amounts Working in 1000’s, 100’s, 10’s and 1’s Shape – learning about different 2D and 3D shapes and how they are used in everyday life Number – learning new numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Number formation practice
Science 1 session per week Ecosystems – learning about the environment and different ecosystems. What plants and animals live in each ecosystem. Weather – what is the weather like? Weather chart to be completed each day. Communication 3 sessions per week 2 x Lego Therapy – Using Lego to increase communication between students to reach a common goal. 1 x Social Skills Group – practicing communication skills with others, asking basic questions, talking about a specific topic, circle time. Attention Autism – developing focus and concentration
Physical Development Sensory Circuits every day PE 1 session per week Sensory circuits to develop students’ co-ordination, focus and agility. PE – Gymnastics Multi-gym – using a variety of fitness equipment to build general fitness Bikes/Playground – using bikes in the MUGA to increase co-ordination, awareness of surroundings and general fitness ICT 1 session per week E Safety – learning to be safe on the internet. Using ICT in everyday life – writing sentences using words and pictures Shopping – building a shopping list and looking at prices Using the Internet and E Safety Using the computer – learning about keys on the keyboard, how to change a page and recognising images on the screen.
Humanities and The Arts Topic Time 2 sessions per week   Ecosystems in different countries, making animals in art that live in the ecosystem looked at. Learning about pollution and recycling in different countries. Using recycled materials to make craft items. PSHE/RE Personal Care, TEACCH Trays, Social Skills Group Social skills group – understanding own feelings and those of others, improving communication skills and understanding appropriate communication
Social Skills/Community Living Skills Social Skills Group and 3 sessions per week Social skills group – understanding own feelings and those of others, improving communication skills and understanding appropriate communication Supermarket Shopping – Visiting the supermarket once a week to purchase items for cooking   Work Related Learning 2 sessions per week Gardening – growing plants in the allotment area, tending to a specific area. Weeding and planting. Housekeeping skills – how to clean and tidy. Assembly skills – complete a sequence of steps to build an item.