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SG2 Modular Summary



Term 6 Topic:  Festivals

TERM: 6  (2018) CLASS:   SG2                  Teacher: Megan King
Physical Development

·         Quick Cricket and Rounders – through team sports encouraging communication. Students will work in teams, either batting or fielding. They will have 2 sessions per week for PE and will practice throwing and catching in pairs as well as following the lines for running.

·         Through dance children will improves communication and social skills. practise and perform basic and challenging moves .

·         Students will also have a sensory circuit each morning or afternoon.

They will improves fitness, health, agility and co-ordination skills and develop spatial awareness.


Communication and Language

·         Lego Therapy – for students developing interaction communication.

·         Individual Communication – Students will learn to use their individual communication aids (PECS books, Communication Books, iPads) to enhance their communication skills.

·         Writing opportunities e.g book reviews, answering questions or giving opinions. Practicing Handwriting 15 mins each day.

·         Developing communication through group activities and discussing their work using individual communication aids




·         Basic number skills

·         Using money

·         Multiplication/division

·         Measures

·         Shapes

·         Fractions

Food Technology


·         Developing skills of cutting, slicing and peeling when preparing food for cooking.

·         Shopping trips to local supermarket to buy the ingredients.

·         Setting the table and dining using appropriate manners

·         Preparing simple ingredients and investigating textures and flavours



·                 Continuing to look after plants and develop allotment area.

·                 Simple investigations, identifying what students think will happen prior to the experiment.

·                 Students to explain the method and what happened.




·         Music festival project – design a festival for nexus students.

·         Listen and choose different music for their festival

·         Make a poster and design a festival space

·         Art lessons making festival flags, cards




·         Recall internet safety rules

·         Word processing skills literacy

·         Research, information etc

·         Online shopping


PSHE/RE/Work related learning

·         Personal Care

·         Working Together

·         Mindfullness/How am I feeling?

·         Laundry, Cleaning, Recycling, Shopping

·         Religious festivals



·                    Guided Reading

·                    Seasonal poetry

·                    Short stories

·                    Non-fiction text





·         Festivals around the world