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SG2 Modular Summary


Term 3 Topic:  Seasons

TERM: 3  (2018) CLASS:   SG2                  Teacher: Megan King
Physical Development

·         Sports Coaches led games

·         Through dance children will improves communication and social skills. practise and perform basic and challenging moves

·         Present themselves well and be confident in body language and promotes their skills in working in a team successfully.

They will improves fitness, health, agility and co-ordination skills and develop spatial awareness. Also broadens horizons, opening minds to new and interesting opportunities for example

Communication and Language

·         Lego Therapy – for students developing interaction communication.

·         Individual Communication – Students will learn to use their individual communication aids (PECS books, Communication Books, iPads) to enhance their communication skills.

·         Writing opportunities for diary, posters, narrative and letters

Use ICT for PowerPoint presentation on information relating to the topic



·         Basic number skills

·         Data handling, collecting, sorting and presenting information on weather and temperature in contrasting localities

·         Multiplication/division

·         Measures

·         Shapes

·         Fractions

Food Technology


·         Selecting recipes from each season, winter recipes.

·         Developing skills of cutting, slicing and peeling when preparing food for cooking.

·         Evaluation of recipes designed and suggesting improvements for next recipes.

·         Shopping trips to local supermarket to buy the ingredients.

·         Evaluating recipes prepared.

·         Setting the table and dining using appropriate manners



·         Planting herbs

·         Life cycles of plants and animals

·         Changes of State

·         The planets – how they affect seasons



·         Blossom tree

·         Seasonal tree

·         Sensory art display

·         Weather plate

·         Hand print trees and printing leaves

·         Four Seasons – Vivaldi “Four Seasons”




·         Recall internet safety rules

·         Word processing skills literacy

·         Research, information etc

·         Online shopping

·         CAD/CAM program



·         Personal Care

·         Religious Festivals celebrating Spring

·         Chinese New Year/Chinese Zodiac

·         Lent

·         Working Together



·                    Recap Phonics phase 5/6

·                    Guided Reading

·                    Seasonal poetry

·                    Writing poems

·                    Short stories

·                    Non-fiction text





·         Weather/climate around the world

·         Places I have been

·         Significant facts about countries