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SG2 Modular Summary


Term 2 Topic:  Transport & Travel

TERM: 1  (2018/19) CLASS:   SG2                  Teacher: Megan King

3 sessions per week

Handwriting – continuing to develop students fine motor skills

Guided Reading – improving students ability to read words, working in groups or individually, depending upon individual levels

Word Aware – building students vocabulary and improving their understanding of words. Identifying key words for specific topics


2 Sessions per week


Learning to identify different coins and their values

Role play – buying items in a shop, creating a shopping list and working to a budget

Understanding the value of money – adding and subtracting amounts

Working in 1000’s, 100’s, 10’s and 1’s


1 session per week

Travel – looking at different modes of transport, long and short journeys, speed and distance.

Circuits – What is electricity used in? Drawing a simple circuit. Using DT to make a simple light and clock

Gardening – Building skills to identify different plants, parts of a plant and what they need.


3 sessions per week

2 x Lego Therapy – Using Lego to increase communication between students to reach a common goal.

1 x Social Skills Group – practicing communication skills with others, asking basic questions, talking about a specific topic, circle time.

Attention Autism – developing focus and concentration

Physical Development

Sensory Circuits every day

PE 1 session per week

Sensory circuits to develop students’ co-ordination, focus and agility.

PE – team sports, working with a sports coach where appropriate to develop cricket skills. Football skills

Multi-gym – using a variety of fitness equipment to build general fitness

Bikes – using bikes in the MUGA to increase co-ordination, awareness of surroundings and general fitness


1 session per week

Algorithms – learning to follow sequences on a computer

Using ICT in everyday life – writing sentences using words and pictures

Shopping – building a shopping list and looking at prices

Using the Internet and E Safety

Humanities and The Arts

Topic Time 2 sessions per week

Travel – Holidays – where have I visited over the summer? Holiday diaries. Building a picture board

Different Countries around the World – continents – linking to MFL, Humanities, RE and Art

Methods of Travel – booking flights, train tickets, planning a journey


Personal Care, TEACCH Trays, Social Skills Group

Linking RE to Topic Work – Countries around the World

Personal Care Schedules – independence

Social skills group – understanding own feelings and those of others, improving communication skills and understanding appropriate communication

Social Skills/Community Living Skills

Social Skills Group and 3 sessions per week

Social skills group – understanding own feelings and those of others, improving communication skills and understanding appropriate communication

Supermarket Shopping – Visiting the supermarket once a week to purchase items for cooking

Country Park – Visiting the visitor area and the café –ordering a drink and a snack

Visiting the Library – Borrowing books, travelling on the bus.

Work Related Learning

2 sessions per week

Gardening – growing plants in the allotment area, tending to a specific area. Weeding and planting.

Enterprise – plant and veg stall – selling items to parents and staff.

Housekeeping skills – how to clean and tidy.

Assembly skills – complete a sequence of steps to build an item.