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Puffin Class Newsletter

Puffin Class Newsletter: Term 1

Welcome to our new named class Puffin class. From the start of this year all lower school classes are now named after a bird of our choice. We have chosen to be puffin class.

Over the summer the staff in the class have worked hard to move our entire room. We are now based further down the school next to the other sensory class. This will give us opportunity to work alongside sensory 2. Moving down has also given us the opportunity to set one of the classrooms up as a physiotherapy room which we can use daily.

This terms topic is ‘My family’ we would like to encourage parents to send in pictures of close family members so that we can use them throughout the term to support the pupils learning.

Proud Cloud: This term we are trailing a new system called our Proud Cloud. This is the opportunity once or twice a term for parents/carers to write on thing about their child which they are proud of. This can be in note form or picture form. We will then display these in class for everyone to see. As a class we will also be deciding on one thing that makes us proud about the pupils to also show. This will help others coming in to the class to see the amazing work and progress that our pupils make.

We are looking forward to starting the new academic year of 2018/2019 and are excited to see the progress which the pupils will make and watching them continue to grow into the individuals they are becoming.

If there are any questions or concerns that you would like to raise regarding your child please do not hesitate to contact me through the school, contact book, or email.


Kelly (Class Teacher)