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What, Where, Why P10 17/18

For the next two weeks we will be continuing with our topic of ‘All about me’ as well as focusing on Autumn, Halloween and Fire Work Night!


This week in our cooking lesson we decorated biscuits using a variety of ingredients. The students mixed together icing sugar and water to make the icing which they then added to their biscuits. The students then used different ingredients to make a ‘self portrait’ of themselves in biscuit form. Here are our biscuit creations!


Here are some of our TEACCH tasks we have been working on so far this week. Some students have been working on number correspondence and others having been developing their addition and subtraction skills using a range of tools including Numicon and number lines. 


This week during our Art lesson we created our own Autumn trees with a variety of Autumn coloured leaves. The students had help painting one of their hands to then print on the paper. They then used a paint brush to add a trunk to their trees. The students then used their fingers to create their leave by dipping them in red, orange and yellow paint.


We went on an Autumn walk in our Sensory garden where we collected lots of Autumn leaves. When we were back in class we then used the leaves to create the spikes on our hedgehogs. We had lots of fun making these hedgehogs and needed a lot of glue to make sure the leaves stuck!!


We have started making some Halloween craft. We enjoyed making our black Halloween cats. These were quite tricky to make but we all tried really hard and we all created our own cat!


We all made our own firework pictures. We each chose four colours that we wanted our fireworks to be. We then had four pieces of string which we dipped in our chosen paint. We then picked up the string and made lots of different marks and patterns on our black paper. Our firework pictures are banging!