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Spotlight Class P10 17/18

Welcome to P10!!!!

We hope that over the next 2 weeks that you will get a good idea about P10 and the kind of things that the students in the class get up to!! Over the next 2 weeks staff will be adding lots of photographs and information about the class.

About the class……

We are a small  KS2 class base and that follows the learning style of TEACCH. The students in P10 each have their own workstations where they complete work tasks. When completing these tasks students are encouraged to use the TEACCH approach. TEACCH allows us to understand the learning needs and characteristics of students with Autism and other Special Educational Needs, and uses visuals to support and promote independence and meaning.

TEACCH can be used across all abilities of students with Autism. Although TEACCH strives for students independence, and has proven it’s an important factor in education, developing enjoyable social interactions and social relationships with others are also a main priority. Using TEACCH can be a fantastic tool for facilitating these social activities that could, in other circumstances, be too unpredictable and confusing for students with Autism. Within P10 the students are provided with these social opportunities on a daily basis with the quiet room, small work room and a communal area which can be used for group times such as Good Morning and other sessions like Art, Music and Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

We use set routines, which can be flexible where necessary, as routines can be engaging for students with Autism. The routines are made interesting and appealing to each of the students individually. the work tasks, which are individually planned, are designed to the student’s interests and likes to encourage them to be completed. The students use visuals to assist them with completing their work these vary from:

  • Individual schedules
  • Working towards visuals
  • Photo’s of reference
  • Reward charts
  • First and Then boards.

The students are encouraged to learn a range of skills during their time in P10. They will be able to accomplish this through community based education. Where possible we take students out to visit the local shops and community areas, to allow them to build on their social skills and gain knowledge about the community around them.

Where appropriate we encourage the students to join other groups and classes in the school. This could range from social times, such as lunchtime, breaks and free time to joining lessons such as PE. This is all decided on an individual students basis.

We encourage the students to reach their full potential in their time in P10. We ensure that we provide the best possible care and education for each student and that we meet all of their individual needs.