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Pupil Outcomes



Phonics Screening:


Entry for the phonics screening is judged on an individual basis.

No pupils in years 1 or 2 were put forward for the phonics test in 2016/17.

For many of the pupils who attend Nexus the Phonics Test is not appropriate, however this does not reflect the aspirational targets that we set for them.


The school follows the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme.

The school does not adopt a particular reading scheme instead choosing books that meet the needs of the individual pupils.


Should you have questions about the Phonics Screening Test or supporting your child with reading please contact your child’s class teacher.

Pupil Progress Data


Following changes to the National Curriculum in 2015 and the introduction of “life without levels” there is no national benchmark of progress other than that a pupil should make progress towards a suitably aspirational target which has been set using evidence of their prior attainment and their previous rates of progress.

At Key Stage 2, 4 and 5 the national data sets show that all pupils at Nexus made progress and attained significantly below the national standard. However this nationally reported data is calculated on test results, such as GCSE’s and the pupils attending Nexus are generally unable to access this level of accreditation or testing.

At Nexus we are committed to continuing to track pupils progress in a meaningful useful way using a range of assessment tools. The school regularly reviews pupil progress to identify any progress that is less than good and evidence of intervention and impact is clearly documented.

The tables below shows as a result of the rigorous and aspirational target setting and high quality teaching and intervention, the percentage of pupils who achieved and exceeded their end of year targets:


Key Stage 2MathsReadingWriting
Term 273%15%64%33%61%39%
Term 656%44%55%45%37%37%


Key Stage 3MathsReadingWriting
Term 284%12%84%4%68%12%
Term 652%24%35%31%35%35%


Key Stage 4NumberReadingWriting
Term 292%8%71%14%50%14%
Term 679%21%57%29%71%21%


Key Stage


 % On target or Exceeded 


% Exceeded Target


% On target or Exceeded


% Exceeded Target






100%  40%71%14%


100%  20%71%29%




SG5 (SLD)SG4 (PMLD)SG2 and 3 (ASD)
OCR Life and Living Skills2 * Entry 1 4 Credits


2 * Entry 2 13 Credits


1 * Entry 1

13 Credits

2* Entry 1

4 Credits

OCR Cambridge ProgressionEntry 1 15 Pass

Entry 2 9 Pass

Entry 3 1 Pass

ASDAN EmployabilityNew Course
ASDAN Work RightNew Course
College4 * Animal Management Entry 2


Vulnerable Group Data

Pupil Premium Pupils


% of pupils on track to achieve or exceed target% of pupils on track to achieve or exceed target% of pupils on track to achieve or exceed target


Year 7 Catch Up FundingMathsReadingWriting
% of pupils on track to achieve or exceed targets% of pupils on track to achieve or exceed targets% of pupils on track to achieve or exceed targets
Term 689%89%78%


Nexus School Performance Tables:


Key Stage 1 -2 Attainment Grids 2015/16


Please see documents below.


Retention & Destination Data:


KS4 – 100% of the pupils who completed KS4 at the end of 2016/17 stayed at Nexus and continued in KS5.


KS5 – 100% of the pupils completed their study programmes at the end of 2016/17.

All students continued in full time education when leaving Nexus.


Year / No. of


DestinationNo. of NEETSNo. who remained in


2013/14 – 1Further Education – Local

College Provision / Supported Employment

2014/15 – 41 Further Education – Residential College

1 Social services Provision

2 Further Education – Local College

2015/16 – 33 – Further Education – Local College0 



2016/17 – 1Further Education – Local College0 




KS1 – KS2 Attainment Grids 2015 / 16

KS1 – KS2 Attainment- Grids 2015-16

Additional Information about the Destination of Pupils Post Nexus

Case Studies – Post Nexus School