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Newsletter Term 4

In term 4 we will be introducing our new topic ‘Colours’. Last term the pupils looked at many aspects of our school community. We created a model of our school building in art, looked at roles and responsibilities of staff and pupils in our school and spent a great deal of time outside the school building, examining our school grounds.

This term we will be exploring the impact of the seasons and how they effect the colours both within our school outdoor areas as well as local surrounding places of interest (Haysden Park and Woods, the local town etc.)

In cooking and accessing the community we will be planning ‘colourful’ food to buy and cook. We will be aiming to cook foods that the pupils are able to practise making at home as well as in school.

New friendships are cementing not just in our own class but throughout the whole school, supporting and embracing many aspects of our curriculum. We will be building on the latter to form the basis of our PSHE lessons this term. We will encompass emotions and well-being as part of these PSHE lessons.

Lorraine Stapleton (Class Teacher).   

Term 4 2018/19.