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Newsletter Term 2

In term 2 we will be continuing with our topic ‘Travel’. Last term the pupils made a collage of their journey to and from school, (art) investigating the various modes of travel within this (science). This term we will be exploring how we travel to other destinations, looking at the speed aspect and therefore the appropriate mode of transport (topic/history/geography). We will also be learning about maps, to and from school as well as maps of our local area (geography/science/history). 

Last term we were very fortunate to have a visit from a mounted police officer, who talked to the children about her role in accessing parts of the community that cannot be reached by police cars/on foot. Building on the latter visit we will be looking at the geography of land around us and learning about accessibility (geography/PE/science).

We will continue to investigate the various methods of travel throughout the ages (history). Can we design and build a form of transport? (science/art). 

In cooking and accessing the community we will be planning food to buy and cook. We will be aiming to cook foods that the pupils are able to practise making at home (wraps/ingredients on toast/jacket potatoes/pizza etc.)

New friendships are cementing not just in our own class but throughout the whole school, supporting and embracing many aspects of our curriculum. We will be building on the latter to form the basis of our PSHE lessons this term.


Lorraine Stapleton (Class Teacher).   

Term 2 2018/19.