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Pelican Module Summary Term 2


Kwik cricket coach will continue to teach the pupils on a Friday each week. On a rota basis some pupils will also access riding and swimming. In addition we will be learning ball skills with a focus on football term 2. We are hoping to establish a team to play some external schools, for those pupils that would like such an activity to extend their learning.


Continuing with our topic  ‘Travel’ . All topic timetabled lessons will focus on the various methods of travel, and we will bring these to life by creating some 3D forms of travel in art/science. Investigation work will be key in establishing facts about how to travel certain distances, the costs, practicalities and processes involved in each mode of transport. We will be planning our journey to school, mapping out the journey. Examining our local area at home as well as school. Investigation into local landmarks and how they feature on a map will feature in topic work.


Problem solving (Fridays), Shape, Space and Measure, number system and calculation methods.

Cooking/topic/accessing the community.

Preparing, buying and cooking all different kinds of foods that are simple to make and feasible for our pupils to try and make at home.


Recipe searches, maths on-line. Researching modes of transport.


Well-being and emotions will be the focus this term, alongside bullying.


Investigating rhythm relating to our topic. Possible school Christmas play activities also.