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Pelican Module Summary Term 4


Kwik cricket coach has now completed his teaching sessions and as a class we will continue with cricket every Friday. Having recently entered an inter-school competition where we came 2nd, the pupils thoroughly enjoy putting into practice the skills they have learnt.

On a rota basis some pupils will also access riding and swimming.

In addition we will be learning ball skills with a focus on rugby term 4. We are very lucky to have Tonbridge Boys School come in on a Wednesday to support our class with ball skills development.


Introducing our new topic ‘ Colours’.  All topic timetabled lessons will use the topic theme as their base. In art we will be examining colours used by famous artists such as Matisse.  Science investigation work will focus on how to change the colour of liquids/plants. Out in the school and wider community we will be looking at how colours change with seasons, and the impact colour has on our landscape.


Problem solving (Fridays), Shape, Space and Measure, number system and calculation methods.

Cooking/topic/accessing the community.

Preparing, buying and cooking all different kinds of ‘colourful’ foods that are simple to make and feasible for our pupils to try and make at home.


How to use colour in programmes such as word/excel.


Well-being and emotions will be the focus this term, alongside bullying.

Music/Drama/performing arts

Investigating how using materials and colour can enhance movement and rhythm , relating this to our topic. We will also have an artist visiting our class most Thursday’s throughout term 4 as part of the Arts Project that the school is involved with.