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P8 Newsletter Term 6

Newsletter Term 6

In term 6  we will be continuing our learning through our topic ‘The Community’, which has proven extremely enriching so far.

Some of the learning we will be undertaking includes…in art creating a model of our school and the pupils that learn here, in french we are learning about the various places we visit offsite such as a cafe/shops,french culture and self-introductions. In science we are investigating plants that grow locally and experimenting in various ways.

In cooking and accessing the community we will be planning local food to buy and cook. We will be looking at the different local amenities such as farms and farm shops and why they exist. Having already visited a fruit farm in Pembury in term 5 to examine the flowering stage, we will be re-visiting to pick strawberries and other fruits. We are also planning a visit to a local castle, possibly Hever. In addition we go shopping locally every Monday to buy the local food we cook each week.

Friendships are cementing not just in our own class but throughout the whole school, supporting and embracing many aspects of our curriculum. We will be building on the latter to form the basis of our PSHE lessons this term.

Lorraine Stapleton (Class Teacher).   

Term 6 2017/18.