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P6 Modular Summary



TERM: 2 CLASS: Primary 6
Physical Development


Primary 6 begin each day with a sensory circuit to prepare for learning. Every Monday we also attend a PE session in the hall working on turn taking and learning new skills and movements.

Communication and Language



Reading: Using familiar stories based on our term topic ‘Festivals’ we talk about what we can see, begin to predict the ending and help to read some words within the book. Throughout the week we can choose to read a story with staff or a sensory story based on our topic.

Writing: We use a variety of different materials to make marks such as art materials and computing software. We are beginning to add colour to pictures practising our tripod grips and looking at writing our own names using different tools.


Personal, Social And Emotional Development


Throughout the day we use different communication devices, turn take and playing with our peer.

We are still getting to know our new school and using all the new facilities.



This term in maths we are continuing to use money through our tuck shop on a Friday, we are also learning colours, shapes and numbers through lego therapy and individual lessons learning positions of objects and working with our numbers.

Art and Design


Art and design this term is related to this terms topic ‘Festivals’. We will be looking at different festivals this time of year such as Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas.



Interactive music lessons throughout the week using a variety of musical instruments and songs. This term we are learning about different instruments and the noises they make. On a Wednesday we play with the music bag to make choices and turn take