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P6 Modular Summary


Module SummaryTerm 6Primary 6 Class
Physical Development

Primary 6 begin each day with a sensory circuit to prepare for learning. Every Tuesday we also attend a PE session in the hall working on turn taking and learning new skills this term looking at different movements such as walking, running or jumping as well as using our PSHE skills to prepare for the session.

Art and Design

Art and design this term is related to this terms topic ‘Holidays’ looking at the seaside and different things we can find there.

Personal, social and emotional development

Working alongside peers to share activities and turn taking including parachute games, sand play and lego therapy.  Making independent choices through individual communication. Developing skills such as independent changing for pe, getting equipment for snack and lunch and attending different sessions such as dance and computing club.


Interactive music lessons throughout the week using a variety of musical instruments and songs. This term we are using like and dislike to talk about different pieces of music.


We use a range of activities in computing such as the interactive whiteboard, ipads and clicker 6 to help with typing, using the mouse and touch screen to make choices. On a Tuesday we go to the FE department and explore the computers and use number and word programs.


This term in maths we are continuing to use money through our tuck shop on a Friday, we are also learning colours, shapes and numbers through lego therapy and individual lessons looking at measurements and different shapes and sizes. We also explore different numbers and letters through sensory play.

Communication and Language

Reading: Using familiar stories based on our term topic ‘Holidays’  we talk about what we can see, begin to predict the ending and help to read some words within the book. We are beginning to answer questions on the books we have read.


Writing: We use a variety of different materials to make marks such as art materials and computing software. We are beginning to add colour to pictures practising our tripod grips.


Speaking and listening: Different forms of communication are used throughout the day, each student has an individual means of communication including Pecs and communication books, we use communication throughout the day to be more independent and make more choices and some students are working on phonics.


PDR activities

Every afternoon we have a plan – do – review session, the students choose between different activities and then begin to talk about what they did within the session.

Mondays includes Cooking – This term we are making chocolate cakes following our instruction books and learning to tidy away.

Tuesday including sensory integration – We are learning to take turns and to communicate with peers. We also join in with dance club on a Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday includes music – We use music to talk choose are favourite songs  and comment on liked or disliked music.

Thursday includes shopping, playing with play food to buy things on our shopping list and pay with the right amount of money.

Friday includes a sensory afternoon – We work on communication using sensory items within class such foam, sand or other materials.