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P10 Modular Summary

Here is our modular summary so you can see in more detail what we will be learning over the next term.



                              TERM :    6                                     CLASS :P10

This term our topic is ‘Great Britain’. This term we will be learning about the different countries that make up Great Britain, their flags and some key landmarks that can be found across Great Britain. We will also be concentrating on phonics,  handwriting and letter formation and mark making using different mediums. As well as looking at numbers and money in maths.


This term we will be focusing on a range of topics within Maths. Some students will be continuing to work out simple addition and subtraction questions using money.

Some students will be working on rote counting to 15 and higher, using different communication aids to do this. Whilst some students will be recognising numbers between 0-10 using different manipulatives. As well as begin to understand the concept of ‘more’ or ‘less’.

All students will be able to use a range of manipulatives to help them with these different aspects of Maths. These will include Numicon, cubes, counters etc.

At home-counting everyday items, singing number songs. Play games with counting activities in them.  Encourage use of communication systems such as PECs, Makaton and Communication Books. Letting children explore coins and even pay for things when out and about.

Communication and Language


Reading-Some students will be looking at early reading skills and using Oxford Reading scheme to help develop this area of learning. This will be done through Guided Reading sessions. Their phonics knowledge will help with decoding and blending new words the come across.

Writing/mark making. We will be continuing to work on a range of pencil control mazes as well as tracing over different patterns. Some students will be continuing to work on sentence structure and using a range of tools to help them develop their own sentences linking with this terms topic.

Speaking & Listening-Use of all different forms of communication, opportunities to be built into all areas of the school day to encourage pupils to use their own means of communication, including PECS at Phase 4, communication books and signing. Other students will be focusing on their  phase 4 phonics and learning to blend a variety of sounds. Some students will also be completing Guided Reading sessions on a 1:1 basis.

At home-sharing books, listening to stories together. Encouraging use of communication systems to comment and make requests.


We have created a sensory circuit which we can use in class, which the children engage with every morning when they come into school.

Before we start our afternoon sessions we have a quick movement activity to help us focus for our afternoon learning.

Some students will also be participating in Sensory Integration sessions to help develop their self regulation skills.

Pupils will be offered a range of different materials to explore to help support their ability to cope with different textures, wet, dry etc.

Please ask if you would like any further information about sensory circuits.

Physical Development

We deliver Sensory circuits every morning in class and all children are encouraged to join in.

Weekly PE lessons which take part in the school hall and on the MUGA where the children get a chance to explore a range of equipment and different activities as a group.

We also have daily session breaks outside which gives the children an opportunity to run round and then be able to refocus on their work.

Some students also engage in daily fine and gross motor skills activities. This sessions will aim to develop these skills which the students can then transfer into other activities within their school days.

Expressive Arts and Design

Music-Interactive music-songs

Using different instruments

Exploring sounds within our local environment.

This term we will also be looking at the different National Anthems across the countries which make up Great Britain. From this we will then be creating our own class National Anthem.

Art-This term we will starting our new topic of ‘Great Britain’ and will be creating a range of art work linked to this topic. The children will have the opportunity to explore a range of materials and mediums throughout these lessons for example tissue paper, paint, chalks, crayons and many more.

Understanding The World

KUOW– This term we will learning about a range of areas linked with Great Britain. Students will be learning about the different countries which make up Great Britain as well as learning about key landmarks that can be found here.

Lego Therapy: We will be engaging in Lego Therapy sessions across the term, in small groups and on a one to one basis with an adult.


Interactive white board-songs

Keyboard and mouse skills

Switches such as big Mack

Using the iPad during play and work as well as a reward

Using switch toys independently.


Personal, Social And Emotional Development

Turn taking playing with friends sharing materials and toys.  Making choices, sharing and turn taking.

Working with peers to share activities and toys

Washing hands before snack, lunch etc. Being as independent as possible in different tasks. Reward and choosing boards for all children to use.

At home-encourage your child to be as independent as possible in a range of different activities such as dressing and undressing.