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P1 Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Well Term 4 went whizzing past and was really hectic, let’s hope we can finally have some good weather and can make the most of the outside spaces at school.

In Term 4 we started looking at some activities based on the story of the Hungry Caterpillar, we enjoyed messy art and some pupils enjoyed visiting the food technology room to try different foods and make some cakes.

The pupils have also been working hard with their new fine motor activities which they do throughout the week. They try really hard to complete a range of different tasks that encourage them to use both hands together and to focus on an activity such as balancing monkeys or using tweezers to move items to different boxes. We have been really please to see how well they have engaged with these games.

In term 5 we will continue with all of these activities as well as those that are well established such as Attention Everyone, Lego therapy, sensory circuits and work box activities.  We will be working on our Spring topic and moving onto the topic of Summer as well as continuing to develop the pupils communication skills.

For some pupils we will be looking at simple addition and subtraction as well as making books and writing their names using symbols.

If there is anything you would like at home or any symbols you would like please let me know,

you can email me or write a note in the communication diary.

Lorna and all in P1.