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P1 Modular Summary



                             TERM :       6                                    CLASS :Primary 1

This term our topic will be Summer and we will be having lots of fun exploring some new stories about going on a picnic and going to the beach. We are also going to have a class shop so we can practice using money. We will continue to develop our different group activities such as Attention Everyone and Lego Therapy and we will be working hard to further develop every pupils communication skills using PECS, spoken language and Makaton. I have added some ideas that you may wish to try at home with your children to support the work we do in class.


Exploring a range of different materials and items that we can count and sort. This term some pupils will start to use coins, sorting them and going to our class shop.

Action rhymes and songs. Songs on the smart TV (also linked to PECS and PSED turn taking)

Using PECS. Work box tasks, matching, sorting.

At home-counting everyday items, laying the table, how may cups etc. Getting dressed how may socks. Singing number songs. Play games with counting activities in them.   Encourage use of communication systems such as PECS and Makaton.

Physical Development

Sensory circuits.

PE sessions in the hall to use equipment.

Daily fine motor activities.

Getting changed for PE (linked to PSED)

Linked to PECS activities, making requests for items to use in the garden and the playground.

We will encourage the pupils to be as independent as possible during all activities.

We will use symbols and timers to support pupils understanding of tasks.

Communication and Language


Reading-Exploring books linked to our topic. Sharing a sensory/box book story, exploring the different props. Whole word matching and reading. This term we will have 2 new class books about summer picnics and going to the beach.

Writing/mark making. Using the iPad to follow letter patterns, using a range of different materials to make marks. Exploring a range of sensory materials/textures to create marks. Using symbols to create short sentences.

Speaking & Listening-Use of all different forms of communication, opportunities to be built into all areas of the school day to encourage pupils to use their own means of communication, including PECS, communication books and signing.

At home-sharing books, listening to stories together. Encouraging the use of PECS etc.

Please let us know if you need any new symbols that you can use with your child at home.


All sessions will have a sensory aspect to them and for some pupils this will also include activities linked to sensory integration as well as intensive interaction. Pupils will be offered the chance to complete sensory circuits each day, in class (linked to PE)

We have created a sensory circuit which we can use in class to help the whole class with their sensory needs.

Pupils will be offered a range of different materials to explore to help support their ability to cope with different textures, wet, dry etc.

For our summer topic we will be having water and sand play.

Please ask if you would like any further information about sensory circuits.


Understanding The World


Smart TV-songs

Keyboard and mouse skills

Using the iPad during play and work as well as a reward

Using switch toys independently.

Using Big Mack switches to make requests.


Food Technology

Using tools, exploring different foods. Making basic snacks.

This term some pupils will learn to follow a simple schedule to complete a task in the food technology room.


Expressive Arts and Design

Music-Interactive music-songs

Using different instruments. Visiting the music room.

Making choices, showing a preference.

This term we are hoping to do some work with the music therapist.

Art-Making choices when offered a range of different materials to explore. Art activities in the Art room as well as in class. Choosing colours and making summer pictures.


Personal, Social And Emotional Development

 Turn taking playing with friends sharing materials and toys. Making choices, sharing and turn taking.

Working with peers to share activities and toys

Washing hands before snack, lunch etc. Being as independent as possible in different tasks. Reward and choosing boards for all children to use.

At home-encourage your child to be as independent as possible in a range of different activities such as dressing and undressing.

 We will be continuing with the “Attention Everyone” programme. The aim is to support and develop attention skills and we will have small group activities every week.

Last term the pupils did really well with Stage 2, we will continue this during term 6 with lots of new messy ideas. This includes a shorter session of bucket time followed by a sensory/messy activity that will engage and hold the pupils attention.  At this stage the pupils are still not able to touch the materials but are learning to attend to what is being presented.