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Owl Newsletter Term 2



Owl Newsletter

Hello Everyone

Term 1 was a busy term, getting to know each other, and remembering new (and not so new) classroom routines.  For some of us, we had to work hard to get used to wearing our school uniform again after the summer holidays.   We had great fun using kites we  had made in class outside on windy days and enjoyed making fruit crumble using autumn fruits. We have all been learning new things.  Some of us have been learning to queue up, request and collect our lunches, while others have been learning to tidy up at the end of snack and lunch times by remembering to put our rubbish in the bin!

Looking forward to term 2, in our topic time, we will be preparing for and celebrating Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas.  We will also be introducing Rebound Therapy sessions during Term 2.

Rebound Therapy and PE will take place on Mondays, so please can you send in a (labelled) PE kit for your child.  Also, swimming sessions will be taking place on Thursdays, so please can you send in a (labelled) swim kit.

Thank you for your support.

Paula Wraight

Class Teacher