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Nexus Satellite provision

Nexus Special School Satellite provision


Specialist supported inclusion will be achieved within a mainstream setting from a highly structured yet flexible learning environment that focuses on the personalised needs of children.

The satellite will be run by experienced Nexus staff who are knowledgeable about children with complex needs. The inclusive environment will provide strong social and academic role models in which specialist teachers, therapists and all school staff will work together to integrate support within everyday learning . All staff will demonstrate high expectations for children leading to bespoke and personalised life-long learning outcome achievements and collaborative planning for the future.

Nexus satellite will open in September 2018. We will be developing and growing the provision  gradually and increasing pupil numbers over time. The satellite provision will begin with admission of up to 6 Key Stage 1 pupils in September 2018.


Pupils admitted to The satellite provision will require an EHCP and will be on the role of Nexus school but based in agreement with parents at The satellite. The admissions process will be the same as for all pupils on the role of Nexus and parents will need to contact their KCC SEN case worker so that a school viewing and consultation can be considered by the Head teacher of Nexus school.

This specific supported inclusion may be indicated for children who:

  • Present with complex learning difficulties i.e. more than one area of difficulty that impact upon their ability to learn and participate in activities
  • Might struggle with aspects of mainstream school but for whom a full time special school placement may also be unsuitable
  • Would have a perceived ability to cope with transition
  • Perceived to have potential to benefit from the social and learning opportunities within a mainstream educational environment


The satellite provision will be staffed with Nexus staff who have relevant experience in teaching pupils with complex special needs.

Children attending The Satellite will have access to universal, targeted and specialist level interventions delivered within the provision supported by an enhanced Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy service provided by NHS therapists based in The satellite.

Each child attending would initially be offered an assessment package to establish the level of bespoke therapy provision required in this provision context. There will be a range of defined interventions offered to address EHCP requirements.

Therapists will work collaboratively with highly skilled Nexus teachers and support staff to ensure pupils communication and sensory processing needs are integrated throughout the day within  curriculum delivery plans.


The pupils attending The satellite will have access to their specialist base at all times of the day, however they will also be expected  to access learning opportunities within the main school that are relevant and specific to their particular skills and areas of strength.

They will be able to access all learning and extra- curricular opportunities that, in discussion with parents and staff, are considered relevant to the individual.

The satellite provision at Wouldham C of E Primary School consists of the following educational provision environments and facilities. The Key stage 1 base and the Key Stage 2 base are situated within the main part of the school so that pupils will be working alongside their peer group:

Key stage 1 Base

2 classrooms with toilets accessible directly from the classroom

Fenced play area with direct access from the classrooms


2 small group or individual work rooms

Sensory room

Meeting and admin room

Hygiene room


Key Stage 2 base

2 classrooms



1 small group or individual work room

Sensory room

Meeting and Admin Room