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SG1 Newsletter – Festivals

PE on Monday – Dance on Tuesday –

Please sure you have PE kit for this term for Cricket and coached led games

Important Dates

Term 6 Dates

Start of Term -4th June 2018

End of Term – 24th July 2018

Community based learning Term 6

Swimming, horse riding and visits will continue this term as per availability of spaces. Students are on a rota system, so all have a chance to access community based activities.

Cake Sale- SG1’s cake sale continues to be a big success. The students enjoy baking, decorating and selling cakes every Friday in the school’s cafeteria every Friday at 2.15pm

The proceeds will fund more reading books for the classroom and other resources required

We have bought playground apparatus for the students to play with and more books for the reading corner.

We would to say a big THANK YOU for sending in newspapers for our art and craft activities. Please if you have more don’t throw them away!