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Term 3 Newsletter

This term our topic is Fairtrade.  We are enjoying learning about what this means for farmers around the world and how tea, coffee, bananas, cotton and footballs are produced, and how we can help support to make a difference.  We have watched some informative films and the topic is covered across our curriculum.  For example in creativity we have recreated the Fairtrade logo, designed some packaging for produce and painted still life drawings of fresh Fairtrade produce.  In our literacy sessions, we have completed some worksheets, testing our knowledge and vocabulary we have learned from the videos.  In life skills we have looked out for Fairtrade produce when we have been out shopping for our cookery ingredients.

The college courses have continued over the term with students attending something each day.  Despite the cold weather Aspens work experience continues in the gardens and the students have moved into the polytunnels to work.  Horizons now offers students four different courses – carpentry, multi skills, empowerment and bike maintenance.  On Friday students continue to go to Princess Christian, Hadlow college for their horticulture courses.

The enterprise team continue to make products to sell at the Nexus Café every Tuesday afternoon.  Their repertoire has increased to include scones with cream and jam, sausage rolls, cheese scones, chocolate chip cookies, flapjacks, banana loaf, cornflake cakes, lemon drizzle cake and more recently the ‘ultimate’ apple pie.  They have managed to make quite a bit of money from their sales, to put towards some class games to use during the winter weather when they are not able to go outside in breaks.

In 3D design the students have been making clocks and in horticulture they have been planting some trees.  They also researched planting calendars for produce throughout the year.

During their life skills sessions the students have been learning to make  healthy, cost conscious meals.  They continue to research recipes, write shopping lists and research prices each week.  They prepare and make each recipe a couple of times to really develop their independent cooking skills.  At the end of their cookery session they enjoy eating what they have made and completing a feedback form to say what worked well and what skills they could improve.

In PE this term, we have been learning to play hockey.  The students have really embraced this sport, learning how to play safely with a hockey stick, developing their dribbling, shooting, passing skills and playing in a team.  Despite the time of year, we have managed to play outside most of the time.

Set literacy and numeracy sessions have been included on the TG1 & 2 timetable each morning this term and some students have been sitting their Entry level reading, writing and/or numeracy exams.