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TG Newsletter

Term 2 Newsletter

Our topic for term 1 was All about Me and was a good way for the TG1 & TG2 classes to get to know each other at the start of term, especially as we welcomed four new students and some new staff.

Over the term, the students took part in their taster course timetable.  Over the two weeks they were able to try out Creativity, Horticulture, Woodwork/3D design and Enterprise.  At the end of the two weeks they chose which two courses they wanted to join for the rest of the year allowing the two classes to intermingle for these subjects.

The rest of their timetables are compiled of compulsory subjects – life skills, home management, literacy, embedded functional skills, sport/exercise and PHSE, which they do in their set classes.  The college courses at Horizons for carpentry, multi skills and bike maintenance started, also Hadlow for horticulture work and at Aspens work experience for students to learn to care for animals and in the gardens.

In creativity, the students enjoyed learning to create portraits using photographs and different artistic techniques – a particular favourite was choosing a hero or character to paint – there were some amazing results!  The enterprise team watched Dragons Den to give them an insight into pitching for business support and when they presented their ideas to Scott and Jackie, they were able to persuade them to give the go ahead to their idea of running the Nexus café.  In woodwork the students planned and designed a table to make.  They learned to sand down the recycled wood to make it into a table and spent time decorating them with paint and glitter.  The horticulture students had fun planning the new allotment and what to sow.  They did a lot of research of different fruits, vegetables and herbs.  They then started to plant some vegetables in the allotment which will be ready next year.

During this term, the students are learning about India.  They will hear about the culture and Diwali celebrations, learn to cook some India meals and study Indian art.