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TG Modular Summary

TG Modular Summary

Term 4 Topic – Healthy Living

February-April 2019

Life skills – 4 sessions per week

  • Learning to make pizzas, side salads and cheesecakes
  • Planning healthy, nutritious meals
  • working hygienically
  • Researching recipes that are cost effective
  • Write shopping lists
  • Research prices, comparing  supermarket prices
  • Shopping trips to buy ingredients
  • Cooking items to sell in the  Nexus café
Horticulture – 3 sessions per week

  • planting out vegetable seeds grown inside
  • care and maintain the allotment
Home management – 1 session per week

  • care for the life skills house – cleaning windows, bathroom and work surfaces, sweeping, hoovering and washing floors
  • take responsibility for household tasks & classroom jobs
  • use of the washing machine and ironing
Creativity – 3 sessions per week

  • study nature – photograph trees, grass and plants – draw and paint items on a big scale.
  • research nature artists and study their work.
  • recreate an artist’s work
  • collage work – using textiles design a bird
PE/sport/exercise – 3 sessions per week

  • daily morning walking/running – challenge ourselves this term with number of laps
  • learn to play tennis – improving our hand/eye co-ordination, working on rallies, hitting accurately, backhand, forehand and volley.
  • learn the rules of tennis and how to play
  • Boxing once a week – learning self control, discipline and listening to instructions.
Enterprise – 4 sessions per week

  • continue to run Nexus café as self funding project.
  • update marketing literature – leaflets and posters for term.
  • distribute to drivers, escorts, parents, families and carers.
  • decide items to sell – sausage rolls, fruit loaf, cookies, muffins and cornflake cakes.
  • introduce loyalty card.
  • add up takings each week
  • decide what to purchase with money made.
Literacy – 4 sessions per week

Gangsta Granny theme for TG2 this term.

  • handwriting to continue to develop fine motor skills and writing/story practice and punctuation.
  • guided reading – work on independent reading skills and comprehension.
  • vocabulary/spellings – improve understanding of words.  Learn key words for specific topics.
  • World Book Day 7th March – various activities.
3D design/DT – 4 sessions per week 

  • research and plan to make recycled bird feeders.
  • research and play to make wind chimes for sensory garden.
Embedded functional skills (across timetable)

  • numeracy/maths – counting, weighing, measuring, time setting, time awareness, money, prices
  • ICT – researching topics, creating word documents, copying, saving & storing information/text and use in everyday life – writing sentences using words and visuals.
  • Use of internet and e-safety.
Numeracy – Time

  • timetables
  • days of the weeks
  • dates
  • sequence of time
  • converting digital and analogue
  • calculating hours, minutes and seconds
Work skills (different days/times)

  • Some to attend college courses at Horizons or Hadlow, or work experience at Aspens.
PHSE/mentoring – 1 session per week

  • healthy eating and diet
  • exercise/healthy living
  • personal hygiene
  • importance of downtime – relaxing