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Kookaburra Modular Summary

Please find below the Module Summary for Term 6: 


  • TEACCH Activities
  • Counting
  • Size, Mass, Volume 
  • 2D and 3D Shapes
  • Colour
  • Positional Vocabulary 
  • Money – Recognising and adding coins 
  • Number Rhymes and Songs
  • Interactive Games 
  • Grouping and Categorising Objects
  • Board Games 
  • Puzzles

Please encourage your children to count objects at home and when you are out. You could talk about the shape and colour of different items and recognise numbers e.g. on doors. When you go shopping you could give your child a few coins to recognise and explore. 

Communication, Language and Literacy:

  • TEACCH Activities
  • Reading and Phonics – Listening to Stories on Whiteboard, Comprehension Activities, Guided Reading, Topics Based Stories 
  • Writing and Fine Motor Skill Development
  • Speaking and Listening/Individual Communication Programmes

Please encourage your children to attempt fastenings etc. as this will support their fine motor skill development. Also, lots of communication is great. We are happy to provide visual supports that encourage and support further communication at home and extend each individual’s learning. Guided reading books will be sent home for each individual. These do not need to be completed every day, however, it would be great if you and your child could engage with them regularly. Discussions about stories and pictures are a fantastic way to develop understanding of text and to support communication and imagination. 


  • Sensory Circuits and Sensory Circuit Stories devised alongside the Occupational Therapy team to support the children’s learning and their ability to focus on activities. We use frequent movement breaks to support individuals with their concentration. 
  • Attention Everyone sessions are run daily. We have had support from the Speech and Language team to set this up within the classroom. 

We can provide you with information for Sensory Circuits that can be completed at home. Please ask a member of the Primary 2 team.

Physical Development:

  • Opportunities to access the outside area throughout the school day. PE sessions will be completed on a weekly basis in the school hall. These will consist of activities and games to develop movement and coordination skills. Opportunity to access swimming.


Expressive Arts and Design:

  • Music – Using different instruments to make sounds and singing Interactive Music songs. Different songs of reference to be used throughout the school day. Making musical  instruments. Topics based songs and music. 
  • Art – Exploring a variety of art materials and making choices. Recognising and using different colours, shapes and materials for objects. 


Understanding the World:

  • RE – Being part of a group/community – developing relationships with others and learning to share and be kind.
  • Understanding the World – Great Britain – Looking at the countries, areas and cultures that make up Great Britain – England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Beaches and Royal Family.