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Key Information

Nexus Assessment Nursery is attached to and managed by Nexus School.

It is a specialist Nursery for children with Special Educational Needs and we base our practice on the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Due to the specific requirements of the children the curriculum is personalised in order to meet the very individual needs.

Admission to the nursery is currently via the Early Years LIFT and SCARF meetings.


Once a child has been offered a placement at the nursery Michelle Patterson, Deputy Head at Nexus School, will contact the Parent(s) to arrange a nursery viewing.

At the viewing parents have the opportunity to see the nursery in practice and meet the Nursery Teacher: Daisy Malone

Speech and Language Therapist: Rosie Nelson and the rest of the team.


The organisation and overall provision will be explained during this visit and any queries or concerns can be addressed.

If parents want to pursue the placement for their child a home visit will be arranged and will be undertaken by the Nursery Teacher and SALT.

Confirmation of your child’s start date and sessions will be made at this visit.


More information can be found:



It is an expectation that parents will transport their child to and from the nursery.