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Jay Modular Summary

   CLASS: Jay

This term pupils will demonstrate an understanding of the concept of less and more, recognises a difference in quantity, make estimations and solve simple calculations.  Pupils will learn new skills through games and role-play.

Communication and Language


Reading: Pupils take part in up to three individual reading sessions per week as well as other activities supporting their reading skills (story time, phonics, etc.)., This term we will introduce guided reading to support reading comprehension.

Writing: Twice a week pupils take part in writing sessions where they can practise and develop their writing by using a preferred medium (handwriting, computer/laptop, iPad, etc.)

Phonics: Pupils attend phonics session every day, where they will learn new phonemes, practise their reading and writing, through various group activities and games.


All sessions will have sensory activities for those pupils who require it.

Physical Development

Pupils start every morning and every afternoon with the Sensory Circuit to prepare for learning- activities change every term. Twice a week they attend PE lesson to develop and practise motor skills. Some pupils follow individual physiotherapy and movement programmes to support their development.

Music-Pupils attend one interactive music lesson weekly, where they can learn new songs and explore musical instruments. Music is present as a part of many other lessons and play time for pupils to enjoy rhymes and musical stories. 

Understanding The World

This term pupils have a chance to learn about the changing seasons, to expand their knowledge about the World. 



Pupils have access to various devices used extensively as a part of class activities: laptops, iPads etc., where through work they learn and practise their computing skills, which also helps them to explore technology during play time. During the lessons pupils use our interactive ‘whiteboard’, this offers them a wide range of task and activities to support learning and understanding.

Personal, Social And Emotional Development

Pupils are encouraged to be independent, to build their self-esteem and to practice new skills. Work and play alongside peers support their communication development. Through group activities and games pupils have a chance to expand their social skills.